Back-to-School Inspiration: 5 Days of Makeup Looks

Hey there!

I’m in college but I still love back-to-school makeup, hair and outfit inspiration. These looks would suit high school, college, or really anyone. I think that in high school, a good way to not look over-done is to use the Rule of One. I made up this rule that I had to pick one feature to accentuate. So, I would do a cat eye with minimal makeup or a bold blush, but then a clear gloss. It’s all about choosing either the lips, the cheeks, or the eyes to focus on. I think that going for two trends like a bold lip and a cat eye looks like too much on younger girls, but that’s just me and my way of doing things. Feel free to express yourself with makeup and ignore anyone who tries to tell you not to.


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Monday: Cool Cat Flick

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3 to achieve this “I tried” look for your first day back to school or just any Monday.

1. Look straight ahead into th mirror. Then, use the side of a felt-tipped liner brush to map out where the flick will be.

2. Close your eye and connect that line to the corner of your lashes.

3. From outwards-in, draw a line from the point towards your pupil.

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***This takes lots of practice and if you feel you haven’t perfected it, then it may not be the thing to go for on the first day. But, wear it for a few days before to get the feel for it, and you’ll strut into school feeling confident in your feline flicks.***

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Tuesday: No-Makeup Makeup

“No-makeup” makeup is all about that glowing skin. Just pinpoint conceal instead of covering your face in a mask of foundation. Set your concealing with a powder (use a tined powder for extra coverage). Swipe on some mascara. Then, pop some highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones. Vòila.

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Wednesday: Blushing Beauty

By mid-week, you might look a bit tired from not getting your summer 12 hours of sleep per night. Liven up your face with a nice rosy blush. Using a cream blush and setting it with a powder will make it last longer.

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Thursday: Twiggy Lashes

Get ready for some poppin’ peepers (tehe). Layer on the top mascara. Then, brush some mascara on the lower lashes. Pinch the bottom lashes together for a legit Twiggy eye.

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Friday: Low Maintenance Bold Lip

If I’m in class, especially in seminars in which I’m talking, I don’t want to worry that my lipstick has worn off.   For this look I used a very pigmented tinted lip balm. The shade is Sublime by RMS Beauty. It gives the same color pay off as a lipstick but is less maintenance to re-apply.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you try out one of these looks. tweet us a picture at @BorSomething.


Happy Reading, Beautiful!



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