Review: B True Beauty All Natural Lash Enhancing Serum


So, I was sent this a few weeks ago by B True Beauty. I would like to say that these opinions are mine, even though this was sent to me.

Naturally, I was excited to give this a go because I’ve always wanted to try Latisse, but am so afraid of the chemicals in it. So, when I saw the blend of beautiful oils in this serum, I really hoped it would give similar results. I applied this nightly before bed on my lashes and brows. I learned quickly not to over-do it or the oils would make my eyes cloudy.

For the Lashes:

Let me say that I have never had any qualms with my eye lashes. My lashes are pretty long, dark, and never beg for lash curlers. I’m lucky. The only irritating thing about my eye lashes is that the tips of them are blonde, not sure why, but they are. This serum, sadly, did not darken them, but it never claimed to do that.

The result of this product after using it for a few weeks is that  it did make my lashes very soft. I haven’t noticed a huge difference with them looking longer, but the product has definitely made me aware of how much tugging I do to get mascara off (for god knows what reason) and has made me kinder to my lashes.

For the Brows:

I decided to run this through my brows (which are already bushy as I have mentioned before) simply to test for my readers with sparse brows whether or not this might help you. I would say if you have sparse brows, this may indeed be your BFF. This made my brows grow hairs even outside the area that they normally grow. I mean, I guess that’s pretty gross, but hey. I notice myself plucking more frequently.


The Verdict: I’d say if you want major brows, get this. As for lashes, it’s good, but for brows it’s better.

Happy Reading, Beautiful!



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