Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

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Hello wonderfuls! I hope your August is off to an awesome start and your beauty product addiction isn’t as berserk as mine! Because here we are with more lip products… More… I just can’t seem to get enough. But oddly I’m okay with that!

Anyways, there has been a lot of hype surrounding these drugstore lippies recently, so I decided to take the plunge and toss a few of them into my basket.

Barcelona Nights ($9.99)

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This is such a pretty bold color for the summer first of all. That and I can’t help but say Barcelona Nights in a seriously thick Spanish accent, which makes this product nearly TOO much fun. Bahrrr-se-loh-na Noches. Anyways! It is definitely more of a hot pink then a red, but the color is very warm and is gorgeous on the lips.

Cannes Crush ($9.99)

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This is the color I was most excited about, but unfortunately I found that the color inside was far more highlighter-y than the packaging (the photos above aren’t catching the fluorescence truely..). It’s incredibly bright and was honestly just bad on my lips. These products apply a bit unevenly in general, but because this color was so bright when I applied it to my bare pink/rosy lips, it looked splotchy and gross and no amounts of dabbing or blending could save it. To say the least, this color did not work for me! But, I had a close friend of mine try it to see if she would like it, and it was gorgeous on her with her very light coloring.

London Posh ($9.99)

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This little guy surprised me the most. I was very hesitant because it is very much a peach/brown nude lipgloss with a slight shimmer. These shades have never worked on me and bring back cringe-worthy memories of being 13 with my bad-ass Lancome juicy tubes (but we’ve all been there, right?). This color is my favorite of the bunch though! The color is so subtle and is the perfect little nude gloss to throw on anytime, anywhere. Love this!

Overall, these products are great. I will say that the applicator isnt the best in the world – and application can get a little rough and splotchy. I always find myself going back with a finger or a brush to even out the product. But, Revlon did get it right with moisture and stain. These leave a lovely little wash of color and don’t dry out your lips like a biotch, which is ideal. If you have been contemplating picking these up, I think you should. They are a great drugstore option for a staining lipgloss and are relatively affordable. If you are willing to spend a little more on a staining lipgloss, then I would recommend you pick up It Cosmetics Vitality Lipgloss instead – the stain is bolder and the moisture level is out of this world.

So, the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains are pretty decent, but they aren’t the best formulation of lipgloss that I have ever come across.

What lip product has you tested out recently? Have you tried these? Did Cannes Crush work better for you then it did for me?

Happy Reading, Gorgeous!

— Clair




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