Grace’s July Favorites

I don’t know about you, reader, but my July seemed to drag on with no end in sight. However, in this long and boring month, I’ve been loving a lot of body care and makeup. Let’s talk July favorites, shall we?


Bath Faves:

Jacq’s Organics Chocolate Fix Soap: When I ordered Jacq’s Organic’s Carrot con Leche Serum, the owner also sent me a few samples of soap and toners. This is by far my favorite of the samples. It’s the most yummy-smelling, moisturizing bar soap I’ve ever used. I don’t typically like bar soaps because I find them drying, but this one is an experience. The smell doesn’t linger, which means I can put on my body butters and perfumes without worrying about it. The only downside, which I don’t think is too bad, is that because it is a brown soap, the color runs down the sides of my shower. I’m almost done with the sample and am keen on a purchase of this awesome soap.


Deep Steep Argan Body Scrub in Lotus Flower Guava: Clair and I won this in a Twitter contest and am so glad we did. This is has such a nice summer fruity scent and really wakes me up in the morning without being too WHAM BAM CITRUSINYOFACE. The scrubbies aren’t too abrasive or irritating. Not sure exactly how exfoliating it is but it’s definitely a nice summer treat. I would leave a link to this, but I cannot find it on the website, though I know it’s avaliable at TJ Maxx.

The Naked Bee Gentle Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner in Orange Blossom Honey: First off, this smells like Smarties, not the European kind of smarties that are like M&M’s, but the American tart sugar candies that are chalky in texture. Anyways, I really love the smell because it reminds me of Halloween trick-or-treating. Despite this sounding like two products, it’s actually an all-in-one deal. Whilst I don’t think this makes the cut as a conditioner it is probably the best natural shampoo I’ve tried thus far. It’s a perfect balance of clarifying and moisturizing. I highly recommend it.

Skin Care Faves:

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: I think this is a great product for people who are just getting into eye cream, like me. It doesn’t make any outlandish claims, like erasing ten years (and I definitely don’t want to turn the clock back to middle school anyways) but it’s moisturizing and it smells heavenly.


Trader Joe’s Spa Tea Tree Oil: It doesn’t really matter which brand of tea tree oil (but, “spa,” wow, Trade Joe’s really up-ing the luxury factor), but I’ve been using tea tree oil like nobody’s business. I use it in my hair to add shine and prevent dandruff. I put a little on a cotton pad with apple cider vinegar to tone my face. I dab it on spots. I don’t know why I ever stopped using this. It’s like manna, I mean, damn, where have I been?

Makeup Faves:

Josie Maran Coconut Water color Eye Shadow in Rio de Rose Gold: I’ve always wanted the perfect all-over-the-lid, not too much, everyday color that doesn’t disappear and just looks like I’ve put an effort into my eyes. This is it. It lasts so long and the color makes me feel like a goddess. I also like to pop Silk Natural’s Frisk eyeshadow on top for some extra dimension. I pat this onto my finger and then onto my eye until I get the desired intensity.


Real techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush: Clair bought this brush set for me for my birthday, and I recently got back into using this one to dust on powder foundation. In the summer, I feel like I put on too much powder in the hope that it will keep oil at bay, but it just makes me look cakey.  This brush builds coverage and makes it hard to apply too much powder.

Non-Beauty Faves:

Dainty Necklaces: I’ve been loving the small and dainty necklace trend, and I’ve been wearing this three star necklace every day. I got it at Target on sale. I just love stars and these small necklaces are so easy to layer and add a bit of sophistication to a white tee and jeans.


Music Fave:

Shawn Mendes “Show You”: This song came out recently on Spotify and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. It’s really inspiring and fun. I’ve linked the lyric video from You Tube which looks a bit silly, but still a great song. You should check it out.


Thanks for reading! Tell me some of your July Favorites!

Happy reading, Beautiful!


One thought on “Grace’s July Favorites

  1. Cute necklace! Love the sound of the Jacq’s Organics soap! I’m waiting for some goodies from her soon so I’m excited to try them now 😀


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