Empties #3 (Natural and Organic Skin Care) & Reviews

This empties post is long because I’ve gone through a lot of products since the first empties post (the second one was authored by the lovely Clair). So, I have decided to do a more concise list format. Enjoy!


  1. Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water: This was a gift, and boy did this last forever. It was a gigantic pressurize can of spring water. I didn’t really know what to do with a can of water, but I ended up spraying this on a cotton round to dilute my ACV toner. Repurchase? No, because what do I need with a can of water?
  2. Nutiva Coconut Oil (2): I LOOOOVVVVEEE this stuff. It’s my favorite brand of coconut oil by far and I love using it to shave and as an in-shower body lotion, but I’ve been going through it far too quickly. So, for the purpose of going through my stock piles of body lotion, I’m going to hold off on buying it for a while. Repurchase? Most definitely.
  3. Manuka Doctor Bioactive Manuka Honey: I know that Manuka Honey has been all the rage lately for fighting acne with it’s super anti-bacterialness, but I really didn’t see the difference. Perhaps I do not use it it frequently enough to notice a difference, but for me honey is honey is honey. Repurchase? I think not.
  4. Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser: I have now gone through three of these i think. Always. Always. Always a repurchase. It’s just the best cleanser, ’nuff said.
  5. Heritage Store Rosewater: A very popular item in the green beauty community as a hydrating mist, and even though some say that they don’t know if it actually does anything, I love it as a refresher throughout the day to hydrate and re-set my makeup. Repurchase? Indubitably yes.
  6. Botanics Liquid Eyeliner: I really like the applicator tip on this EWG-friendly liquid liner, but the formula just wouldn’t stay-put on my lids and it dried out so quickly. I think I bought this in May and it went pretty much kaput by mid June. I kept it around half because of denial and half to fix other liner mistakes. So, sadly no repurchase, I shall stick with the fabulous Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner.
  7. Acure Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell Volume Shampoo: I am quite picky about my shampoos and this one definitely didn’t make the cut. I think this actually dried my hair out on the ends and made it oilier at the roots. Repurchase? Nope.
  8. Goldie’s Little Wing Soap: The idea of this soap is lovely. It’s made with essential  oils and other beautiful ingredients and I was keen on the fact that it’s also locally made in the Rockaways, but it just didn’t float my boat. I’m not a big fan of bar soaps anyways, but this one really left my skin feeling tight and squeaky. Repurchase? Wish I could say yes, but no.
  9. Traditional Medicinals Daily Detox Tea: i love it when bloggers put tea in their empties because I love to try out teas. I really liked this one and would recommend it to all you tea lovers like me. Repurchase? Yes sir-ee.

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3 thoughts on “Empties #3 (Natural and Organic Skin Care) & Reviews

  1. The juice beauty cleanser sounds amaze! I wasn’t a fan of the Acure shampoo that I tried either. It worked well for a couple of weeks but it was “clarifying” and it really wasn’t haha!


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