DIY Makeup Setting Spray/Hydrating Mist

Have you ever seen “hydrating mists” and “setting sprays” like the MAC Fix+ or the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, and been like “I want it!…but dat price tag..?” Me too, girl, me too. So, I bought Rosewater, which sets my mineral makeup beautifully and takes away the powdery finish whilst hydrating my completion.

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But, being a 21st-century chick, always searching for multi-tasking products, I wanted more from my rose water, so I decided to amp it up a bit. Now, not only does my Rosewater hydrate, but it also fights blemishes and repairs damage. Now, doesn’t that sound appealing as hell? And it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • rose water
  • tea tree oil
  • seabuckthorn seed oil
  • carrot seed oil

I left my rosewater in it’s original container because the spritzer top sprays such a lovely and fine mist. Then, I just added in my favorite essential oils. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, so it will fight against acne-causeing bacteria on the skin. Sea Buckthorn Seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and repairs damaged skin, it especially helps with acne scarring. Carrot seed oil is also very clarifying, and my skin loves it.

Don’t limit yourself to these oils because you can definitely add in any of your fave essential oils or the ones that you know your skin loves. Because oils and water don’t mix, I suggest shaking the bottle well before misting your face. This is fantastic for setting makeup or as a hydrating spray to throw in your purse.

Hope you all liked this post and tell me some of your favorite skin essential oils? Please follow, comment, and like this post.

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Happy Reading, Beautiful!


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