Clair’s June Favorites!

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Hi there wonderful!

Here we are – it’s July the 4th. Let’s all come together and drink to the Yanks thoroughly kicking the Brits out of ‘Murica. Don’t worry though my gorgeous, accented friends – I still love you.

Anyways! What we are all really here for… My monthly favorites!

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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya ($8.49)

I recently featured this in a beauty haul, but I had to include it in this month’s favorites because it’s so amazing! The formula is so moisturizing and has just the right amount of pigmentation. It’s a beautiful fresh peach color and I have been loving wearing this to work lately! It’s super easy to apply, just a swipe or two (no fuss here) and you don’t need to worry about it for at least a few hours. Love this product.

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Too Faced’s Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder ($30)

This bronzer is so well loved it’s almost embarrasing. BUT! I have had it for awhile and this is actually the products old packaging that’s how long it’s been around… I like to swipe this over my temples and the hollows of my cheeks to give a really subtle sun-kissed glow to my complexion. I obviously prefer the lighter shade in this compact (considering there is a massive gaping hole smack in the middle of it), but I just swirl my brush around the compact and tap off the excess and apply. Because there’s much more of the darker color left than the lighter color, I find that I must apply this very carefully in order for it to remain natural looking. Does anyone else’s bronzer end up like mine after awhile? With one of the colors destroyed? I do love this bronzer though. It looks like it would be ultra shimmery, but it’s really not. Subtle is the key word.

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photo 4 (18)

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in Luminous Ivory – 2 ($41)

I just rediscovered this and I am falling in love all over again. This is once again my favorite under eye concealer, I’m sorry Nars Radiant Concealer, but sometimes you crease and get a little cakey under my eyes and this number blows you out of the water – sorry, not sorry. This concealer is just fantastic. Great finish, flawless application, amazing staying power. ‘Nuff said.

photo (19)

bareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Cream ($29)

I just wrote a full review on this foundation and I have been enjoying it through the month of June. It looks like skin and is so lightweight, but still has great coverage. I love that this product is coconut water based and is more natural than your average foundation – this only contains 20 ingredients whereas most foundations contain around 40. It’s also considered a serum as well as foundation because of the benefits it has for your skin. Great product!

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photo 1 (21)

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Revlon’s Custom Eyes Palette in Naturally Gorgeous ($8.99)

This month I have been loving the outer two shades of this product so much! I use the lighter shade all over the lid and then use the darker shade in the crease and blend it out accordingly. Boring, sure. But! I have been loving taking the dark shade and creating a flick just using an eyeliner brush and then blending that out as well – I find it’s very Sophia Loren meets everyday.

photo 5 (11)

Clarins UV Plus HP Multi-Protection SPF 40 Sunscreen ($41)

I have been using this religiously, everyday for about a year now. So, you can take my word when I say that this product is incredible. It sits beautifully under makeup and is the lightest sunscreen I have ever used. It isn’t greasy, but is very moisturizing. It does make you look slightly dewy, but I personally like that to provide a lovely glow from within look after using a foundation on top. It’s SPF 40 so it’s perfect for protecting your skin from the sun, but it also protects your skin from free radicals and pollution – a must, especially when you live in NYC. I will probably use this sunscreen forever. And ever. And ever.

photo 4 (17)

Shea Moisture’s Tahitian Noni & Monoi Conditioning Shampoo ($9.99)

This shampoo smells so good! Fresh and rich. Does that even make sense? It’s fresh and clean smelling, but the oils make it so luxurious and give the freshness an extra oompf. The texture is sort of like jelly? Weird, but hey. When a shampoo makes my hair as lovely as this one does – I don’t care what the texture is like. This nourishes my hair and makes it feel healthy, but not weighed down. Not to mention it’s made without sulfates, parabens, phtalates, paraffin, mineral oil, synthetic frargance, synthetic color, DEA, or animal testing. So, cheers to that!

photo 2 (22)

Shea Moisture’s Argan Oil & Raw Shea Bath, Body & Massage Oil w/Frankincense & Myrrh ($9.99)

I have been using this before the shower recently. Revolutionary, I know. I wrote a post about the benefits of using oils before the shower since hot showers strip your skin of its natural layers of oil – see here. Anyways, this smells incredible. Super rich and luxurious. I love it.

photo 3 (16)

Bausch + Lomb Opcon-A Eye Allergy Relief ($5.99)

This is a random favorite, I know. But, I cannot be the only one who suffers from eye allergies. My eyes get so red and itchy sometimes and this really does the trick. If you have this problem as well, check this out.

photo 2 (20)

Random Hair Clip (price approx. $1)

Another random favorite, but hey – getting hair all over your face while you are trying to put on your makeup is a pain in ass, am I right or am I right? I like using this little guy to get the job done. I believe I got this from Target in a pack of three for about three dollars. It keeps my hair out of my face and doesn’t leave kinks in my hair.

photo 3 (15)

photo 4 (16)

(and here I am with all these products on my face – crazy, I know! Shout out to my sister for taking these..)

That’s it for my monthly favorites! Have you tried or are you wanting to try any of these products? What are your favorite products from the month of June?

Happy Reading, Gorgeous!

— Clair




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