3 Steps to Lush Lashes and Bigger Eyes


Hello my beautiful readers (first time or otherwise)! Lately I’ve been getting a few compliments on my eye lashes and how thick and black they look. Even though my lashes are pretty thick, they are blonde at the tips. So I thought I’d share a few products and tricks that I like to use to achieve lush lashes and bigger, brighter eyes. (below with no eye makeup)


  1. I first apply a concealer to my eye area. I’ve been loving the Silk Naturals Peach HD Concealer in P20 ($5.50) to brighten the inner corners and neutralize my dark circles. I pat this in with my ring finger. Under eye concealer instantly makes the eyes look more awake.







2. Now I apply mascara to my top lashes. For this I have been loving the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake-Out Mascara ($9.99). I start by placing the wand at the base of my lashes and blink slighty (I know, what a weird thing to say) to thicken up the lashes from the root. Then I work the wand upwards in zig-zag motions. This mascara is REALLY buildable, so I do about two or three coats.





3. The final step is totally optional but really adds to the awake look. In fact, I think it makes the bottom lashes look very Twiggy inspired. I use the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10.00) in Black. Mine is new (a repurchase) so the formula is a bit wet, but I wiggle this into the outer half of my bottom lashes. It really opens up the eyes and doesn’t flake. For the sake of this post, I will show you how it looks when I use the bottom lash mascara on the inner lashes as well.


That’s it! A short and sweet, three-step routine for a simple but pretty eye look. I hope you enjoyed. Tell me some of your favorite mascaras and under eye concealers below.


One thought on “3 Steps to Lush Lashes and Bigger Eyes

  1. Great tips 🙂 I don’t want to buy a separate lower lash mascara as I am stingy like that (lol!) but I like this idea so I think I will cut the wand in half of a cheaper mascara or one that is nearly out of life and no longer good for top lashes.


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