Makeup Haul! (Silk Naturals)


So, yes, I know that I talk about Silk Naturals a lot, but I make a lot of orders from them because I know I’ll be happy with what I’ve spent my money on. I highly recommend them for anyone, especially those who are getting into natural makeup.

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Brow Cream in Dark Brown ($6.50): So, I have never seen anyone do a review of this product and I really wanted to try some sort of dupe or natural alternative for the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade that I’ve been seeing all over YouTube lately. I tried this out a few minutes after it arrived in the mail, and a few times since, and so far I like it. It’s not too intense and just fills in the sparse areas. It’s a bit waxy, which I like because it means it might be able to tame my wolverine brows. It’s a really nice color that isn’t red but has an ashy undertone. I think it looks pretty damn good. Tell me what you think!



Organic Lipsticks in Crimson and Rapturous ($5.75 each): One of our readers asked me to do a review on Silk Naturals’ lip products, so I used her request as an excuse to buy these two of their organic lipsticks. I ordered Crimson because it is advertised as a dupe for MAC’s Russian Red lipstick. I have tried it on and it’s a more sophisticated, deep red, very unlike the other reds I have, so I’m excited to play with it. Rapturous is described on the website a rosy nude. Anytime I hear the word “rosy” I am immediately sucked in. I think rose tones are really flattering and I like to rock a kind of brown-nude 90’s inspired lip (like the Kylie Jenner lip trend). I cannot stop wearing the shade Rapturous now. It’s been in my purse for four days now.



Peach HD concealer in P20 ($5.50): This is a salmon toned concealer is meant to cancel out the blue and purple tones underneath the eyes, sort of like the Bobbi Brown Corrector. First impressions: very nice. It’s super creamy and blendable. The color is a bit light for me, but is very good for that triangle under eye highlighting. The ingredients are really simple, like the RMS concealer. They list caprylic triglycerides (coconut oil), candelila wax, and mica for coloring. When it comes to base products, my philosophy is the fewer ingredients, the better, because the less likely it is to break me out. The concelaer also looked like nothing on the skin when I blended it in with my fingers, probably what they meant by the name HD.


Eye Colors in Direction and Aubergine (gift with purchase): As with all Silk Naturals orders, they always add in a few samples and full sized eye shadows. This time I received two full-sized shadows. The first is a shimmery pearlescent lilac called “Direction” (middle) and the second is a deep purple with navy tones aptly named “Aubergine” (bottom). I have used Aubergine as a liner, which was a nice change from the norm, but I don’t use eye shadow often, so I may just gift them to my sister or Clair, who might put them to good use. They also sent me a sample pouch of the shade “Stinger” (top) which is a violet color that turns blue and green when viewed from different angles. It reminds me of MAC’s duo-chrome pigments. ****If you’d like me to do a look with one or more of these colors, like this post and leave a comment.****


Tinted Oil Control Primer ($9.95 for refill bag) : This was a repurchase for me. I really like this product because even though it’s marketed as a primer, I use it as a sort of foundation to even out my skin before applying concealer. I find it looks a bit powdery when i first apply it, but after about half an hour, it melts into the skin and looks like absolutely nothing. I do find that I still get a bit shiny throughout the day, but it never looks like I’m wearing foundation, and boy do I hate to look powdery or overloaded with makeup. This is also available in an un-tinted translucent shade.

Have you ever tried any Silk Naturals products? Let me know what you think of them and whether or not you’d like to see a review or look with the products mentioned.

Happy Reading, Beautiful!


11 thoughts on “Makeup Haul! (Silk Naturals)

  1. Nice haul! Thank you for the swatches, I think the brow cream looks really nice. I might actually give it a try (I have wolverine brows too 😉 Overall everything looks really pigmented. As soon as I finish up some of my makeup, I’ll place a Silk naturals order 🙂 xx


    • I’ve really been enjoying the brow cream and since we have similar coloring I think it will match you pretty well. I was eyeing your benecos stuff this morning and is think I ought to try some of their products.


  2. I got the Singer sample too! I was shocked by the color, definitely not for me and my husband would very likely tell me to wash my face immediately if i wore an eye color like that. :p Rapturous is really pretty. I’ve yet to try any lip product from SN, I think my main thing is their packaging… I wish their lippies didn’t come in those slim tubes, I just find it… unattractive? I know their lippies are awesome, I’ll wait to see when I can overcome the pet peeve. lol


    • Yeah I was a little put off by the packaging too but the formulas are really good and the color range is excellent as well. I wish the packaging were more sleek but I find they apply really easily anyway. Thanks for reading!


  3. I had to LOL at the ecards picture. For me the problem is temptation I see a pretty new purse & my first reaction is I want it! Luckily I’m stubborn & have will power so I can usually reign myself in. Still, I probably don’t need to buy as much as I do.


    • Yeah, I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to money, but I’m also a real girly-girl and I just can’t help it when it comes to makeup because I know that I’ll use it. I always have the “I want it” reaction but make myself give it a day, then if I still have the purse of dress on my mind I’ll go get it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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