Hello Gorgeous Gams! (and how to get them naturally)

legs 4

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about two things that are a bit new and revolutionary. Body brushing and using body oils BEFORE the shower *sound the trumpets. Weird, right? That’s what I thought before trying it out, but my legs have thanked me for it!

First of all, body brushing is literally brushing your body. I like to use a body brush (NOT a hair brush – in case you were wondering…), like the ones shown below, to massage all around cellulite infested areas (and all over generally) in a stroking motion always brushing towards the heart. I think this is great to do before hopping into the shower – it’s ultra relaxing and naturally exfoliating.

wooden SPA brush and accessories

Here’s the thing though – it has seriously kicked my cellulite to the curb. Naturally this does not happen overnight, but over time with continual use I have noticed that the backs of my thighs are no longer lumpy or bumpy.

Body brushing helps to generate more circulation beneath the skin (this encourages the elimination of metabolic waste), softens fat deposits beneath the skin and disburses them evenly (this is how it reduces the appearance of cellulite), exfoliates the skin, and helps the lymphatic system rid of cellular waste. Who woulda thunk, right? This is a super easy step to add into your shower routine, so if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

I pair this with using a body oil BEFORE the shower. I suffer from dry skin from time to time ALL the time and this method really nips it in the butt, not to mention it also reduces the amount of body moisturizer I have been using…

So, my dry-skinned friends, when we shower the hot water/steam tends to soften and melt away our skin’s natural layer of keratin and oil – thus making our skin incredibly dry and thirsty (and also bitchy, as it stings when we apply lotion) post-showering. So, applying a body oil before the shower – whether it’s coconut oil, sweet almond oil, whatever – adds a layer of protection and keeps our skin from losing it’s moisture. I personally just do this to my legs and arms (sometimes my back) because that’s where I suffer from the most dryness, but do anything that feels comfortable to you! This second super-simple step changed the moisture level of my skin dramatically! No more scaly legs for me!

And because my body isn’t as dry as the Sahara from showering, I have noticed that this step has  reduced the amount of body moisturizer/butter/lotion I use substantially! So my products are lasting a bit longer than usual – so double-yay for money saved!

I like to combine these two steps. First massage in the oil and then use the body brush wherever I feel like. Pretty simple and relaxing.

Test it out. See how you like it. Report back – or not. Maybe don’t try it. But, this is something worth trying! I promise. Pinky-promise. Cross my heart – hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. (That’s rather gruesome isn’t it…)

I’m done rambling.

Let me know how this works out for you and if it changes your life like it has mine!

Happy Reading, Gorgeous!

— Clair



10 thoughts on “Hello Gorgeous Gams! (and how to get them naturally)

    • Hmm, I never considered the oil clogging the brush? I generally think you should replace your body brush frequently anyways (for higher sanitation and exfoliating bristles), so my brushes don’t last long enough for the oil to become a problem. But I will say that my way of doing things is not the only way or the right way – it’s just the way I have approached it. If you want to go in a different order, try it out and let me know! I’d love to know how it works out for you (:


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