Trash Day (Empties #1)



LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze: This is a total princess product. You rake it through dry hair and leave in for about twenty or so minutes before shampooing it out. It is supposed to de-frizz and keep hair manageable. For $22.95, the 7.8 ounce tub of product does what it claims, but the scent was a little too strong for me and it LINGERS like a mo-fo.

The Verdict: I won’t be repurchasing this because it does have SLS and alcohol in it and the smell gave me a headache sometimes, but it is a good product that accomplishes what it claims.



100% Pure Yuzu and Pomelo Glossing Shampoo: I didn’t see anything special about this shampoo. It didn’t clean my hair thoroughly enough in one wash so I had to go for two, which is probably why I seemed to barrel through it in a little over a month. In terms of glossing, I didn’t see a difference, but the smell was pleasant. I had high hopes for this shampoo because I love 100% Pure products and it cost me $14.99, but it just didn’t work out between the two of us.

The Verdict: No repurchase and I can’t recommend it.

P.S. please comment with shampoo recommendations



Clinique Bottom Lash Masacara: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I adore this product. I first bought it two years ago after watching Tanya Burr feature it in countless tutorials. For $10 it really lasts a long time. I had mine for 6 months but the packaging is breaking now ad it has dried out quite a bit. It doesn’t budge or smudge and defines every lash. I even used it on my top lashes for a while. Some of my friends have given me hell for purchasing this because they see it as useless, but you really can’t hate until you try.

The Verdict: Will definitely repurchase.



Jojoba Oil: I know the bottle is Aura Cacia, but I actually just emptied the Aura Cacia jojoba oil into the dessert essence bottle because I like the Dessert Essence bottle better. I never cheat on Jojoba oil. We’ve been together since December and we’re in it for the long haul (is it weird the I have a relationship with my beauty products? Probably, but oh well). I usually pay between ten and twelve dollars for a bottle.

The Verdict: Hell to the yes, I’ve already repurchased.



La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo: I have been using this for three years and my skin is addicted. I go through a tube pretty often which isn’t cost effective, as I pay $36 per 1.7 oz. or 40 mL. However, I like it as an acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide and LHA. Yes, I have cut my tube up, because when it sounds like its coughing out the last drop, there’s always at least 6 more uses in there.

The Verdict: Already have.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I began using this before I started going natural and I still use my second bottle. I think it’s worth the $70 tag because each bottle lasts me around 9 months. I tried looking up the ingredients on the site to see if I could try to DIY this baby, but the site was vague and the oil blend seems really particular. I tried going without this for a month or two last year and my skin just seemed to hate me.

The Verdict: Not done with my second bottle yet. I probably will repurchase this but close my eyes when I’m paying.

Do you have opinions on any of these products? And, please comment with a shampoo recommendation.

As always,

Happy Reading, Beautiful!


6 thoughts on “Trash Day (Empties #1)

    • I am working on finishing some other loose foundations now from Everyday Minerals. The Bellapierre foundation looks nice, but I probably won’t purchase it until I have more money to spend, as I am a student and keep an eye on my budget. Thank you for the suggestion, though. 🙂


  1. Great post, glad to see you love the Kiehl’s oil as much as I do, I really want to try the Clinique bottom lash mascara at first I thought it was gimmicky but for someone like me who literally has no defined bottom lashes I’m sure it’d be worth a try. I recently bought the John Masters Bare Shampoo I’ve wanted to try John Masters for the longest time but the price always put me off. I’m loving the shampoo so far though 😀 xx


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