Shopping My Stash!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of new products. I like hauling as much as the next girl, but instead of spending money I decided to shop my stash to rediscover old favorites and give others a second go.


I re-introduced myself to the 100% Pure Tinted moisturizer in the shade “White Peach” (which is deceptively dark in color) recently after having gotten a bit sunburned on the beach with my cousins. I found that my powder products just emphasized the redness and the dry patches. This product is awesome because it’s probably the lightest coverage base product I have every tried. I hate thick coverage in foundations. The ingredients in this are great and even though it made me a bit shiny (nothing powder can’t fix), it kept my skin nice and moisturized while the burn healed. I used to think this product was just meh, but it has charmed me this week. Heads up, this doesn’t apply well with a brush. The best way I find to apply it is to massage it in with your fingertips.


I have so many lip products. I love lip balms, not that I have a lot of trouble with dry lips, I just have an addiction. Not only lip balms, but lip sticks and glosses as well. I found the Organic Essence Raspberry Lip Balm in a purse and fell back in love with it. It’s moisturizing, leaves a nice sheeny finish, and tastes like summer popsicles.


The RMS Beauty Lip Shines have also made their way back onto my makeup forefront. I have two shades that I have been donning recently. The first is “Bloom” which is a lovely nude pinky peach color with a brown undertone (bottom swatch). I sometimes find the color is lighter than my natural lip color but a little blending with the finger, for all of these lip shines really works them in to a beautiful, glossy, sheer flush of color. The other color I have called “Sublime” is a bright Barbie pink (top swatch). It’s super girly and pretty and pinky. I like the formula of these. Sometimes I feel like stuff gets caught on my lips when I’m wearing these but they almost never feel sticky. They have a castor oil base and are very nourishing, like a balm. They smell of castor oil, but not in an offensive way.


Another 100% Pure product has resurfaced as well. It’s the Lip & Cheek tint in the color cranberry. I originally purchased this because I wanted a red colored blush. Red blushes are great, because when applied lightly, they actually make your cheeks look like Ryan Gosling just looked you in the eye and said “Hey Girl.” This lip and cheek tint, unlike a lot of other lip and cheek products actually works beautifully on both the lips and the cheeks (shocker, I know). I have the peach color of this as well, but this is definitely my favorite shade, as evident by the fact that all the writing on it has rubbed off.


The final product I brought back out is The All Natural Face Diva Stick in “Highlighter.” I had thought I was ordering the color milk, a solid white, but I received this white with small flecks of shimmer running through. Personally, I do not like it when there’s a noticeable glitter anywhere other than my eyes. However, I love this as a highlight on the brow bone and just above the arch of my brow. It calls attention to the eyes and makes the brows look more shapely. Well, I think it does…


I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment, like, and tell me what products you’ve been breaking out for the summertime. Have you made any rediscoveries in your stash or tried any of the these products?

As always,

Happy Reading, Beautiful!


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