Grace’s May Favorites


Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely May. This is the first of many monthly favorites that I look forward to, but without further adieu, I shall get crackin’.

1. 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation Powder: This is one of the first natural/organic makeup products I ever purchased. I have used it on and off, but I have gone back to it this month. It is THE best pressed powder I have ever tried. The ingredients are eyebrow raising-ly good, and the brand has a decent amount of shade options. I own the shade White Peach, which I will soon have to repurchase, as I have hit that pan pretty hard. Unfortunately, I am going to have to purchase it online. I have only ever seen the 100% Pure makeup in one Duane Reade (a NY pharmacy, live CVS)  in NYC’s Union Square, but they were unfortunately out of this shade and many others when I went to check.

2. Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner in Raven: Yes, after many green YouTubers and bloggers raved about this, I had to give it a go. It’s the best natural eyeliner I have tried and I wore it almost every day in the Month of May. I usually wear winged liner when I have some place to go. I love the color and the application of this liner. The felt tip helps to create a perfect wing. The only downfall with this is the longevity of the formula. I have oily lids and even when I use a primer, this can end up looking smudgy at the end of the day. I have convinced myself that this is sexy smudginess, so it earns a place in my favorites.

3. By Terry Ombre Blackstar in #4 Bronze Moon and Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Eye Brush: This is not natural or organic, but it is freakin’ fantastic. My sister bought this for me for my birthday this month. It is by far the most expensive eye product I have ever used, let alone touched. Retailing at $43, this bad boy is lucky that it deserve all of the hype it gets. I run the cream stick all over my lid and then use the duo-fiber eye brush to blend out the crease, and, dimensional eye makeup complete.

4. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Bronzer: I have never used bronzer. Way back when I tried the NARS Laguna bronzer, but it was too orange for my vampire-like skin. However, I wanted to give bronzer another go and had hear good things about this one. It gives a really nice, non-orange glow. I use it to warm up my face. It works quite nicely with the Real Techniques multitask brush. It does smell a bit odd, but the smell doesn’t transfer to your face.


5. Aēsop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (Fine Quartz, Rosemary Leaf, Lactic Acid): I really enjoy this brand even though they aren’t the most natural. My skin loves this product (I featured it in the “Top Three Skincare Splurges” post). It’s a very unique exfoliator. You start to rub it into your skin, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse it off. The texture is grainy but barely abrasive, which I enjoy because I have super sensitive skin.It’s white and the smell is herbal  but not too offensive. I find that the next few mornings after I use this product, my skin looks smooth and even, and I wear a lot less concealer. It helps in my skin care routine, but I believe that consistency with the rest of my skin care routine is key, as it is with any skin care routine.


6. Silk Naturals Sheer Blush in “Afterglow”: I know that I mentioned this product in the Silk Naturals post, but it is also something that I’ve been absolutely loving in the month of May. It is a sheer, shimmery red-based loose mineral blush that looks like your cheeks naturally flushing. I had been sent a free sample with one of my orders and I liked it so much I ordered the full size. It blends out really nicely, and even though it says sheer, I only use what’s in the cap.

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That’s it for my May favorites. I would love to know what you ladies (and gentlemen) have been loving as well. Let me know if there are some more natural products/brands that I ought to try.

Happy Reading, Beautiful!





3 thoughts on “Grace’s May Favorites

      • Oh yes.. Aesop SAs are very generous with their samples.. I tried the Parley seed mask sample first.. in fact two.. before buying the full-size! Will definitely get a sample of this! 🙂


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