Brand Focus: Silk Naturals

I love this brand. It’s affordable for us ramen-eating, penny pinching college students and the quality is top notch. Silk Naturals’ products are some of my staples, so I thought it deserved a shout out. I learned about Silk naturals from the lovely ladies of the green YouTube community, including Ecoholic Beauty, iluvjesse444, and Alonna Bobonna.

I made my first order a few months back, during the second semester of my freshman year. To this day I get equally as excited when I get my orders in the mail, half because I know that I will get a hand-written thank you and a free gift with purchase, and half because I’m always pleased with my purchases.


My favorite part about silk naturals: the sample sizes. I’m not one to commit to a blush I met on the Internet. I like to take it around the block, use it a few times, then I decide whether or not to commit. The 99 cent samples from the silk naturals website last ages and allow indecisive me to experiment to my heart’s content.

One blush I have committed to from Silk Naturals is the sheer blush in the shade “Afterglow.” Naughty name, but it’s a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush, which I had when it was at the height of it’s glory and I thought it was to shimmery and just “meh.” The Silk Naturals version is above and beyond what I remember the NARS blush to be, and I use it every time I wear blush. These blushes are fantastic because they look as natural as a blush could possibly look and they don’t break me out (hallelujah, that’s a feat).


Another “cannot-live-without-it” product for me is the Tinted Oil Control Primer. I don’t find it too mattifying but it does shockingly, for a powder primer, help my makeup stick around a bit longer. Sometimes, I just use this. It has a super light coverage but still manages to even out skin tone and disguise pores. This stuff hasn’t left my makeup bag since my first sample three months ago.

I haven’t experimented too much with the eye shadows, but I adore the color “Frisk” that is somewhere in between a champagne and straight up gold. The color payoff is fantastic and the formula is smooth and looks beautiful on the lids.


I know that many bloggers love the Sleep in a Jar brightening powder, but it’s something I have not yet learned to love. If you use it and love it, please tell me some tips and tricks you have in the comments section below. I really want to love it, but so far it hasn’t made it into my everyday routine.

I would love to try Silk Natural’s dupes for the Naked Palettes, but I cannot bring myself to pay the money. For as affordable as the site is, the “clones” are a bit steep, and, considering it’s a rare occasion that I wear eye shadow, it would be a waste of my money. I plan on ordering some lip products and brow products from the company in the future as well. I am, after all, a university student and the money I spend on cosmetics usually comes from my babysitting stash.

Overall, I would and have recommended this brand to my friends and family. Please let me know if you’d like to see any individual reviews of the products.


Happy Reading, Beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Silk Naturals

  1. I love Silk Naturals too! Sleep in a Jar is great for setting other under eye concealers. I don’t find it gives as much coverage as I want by itself, but I love how it brightens everything up when used on top of a cream concealer. Their lip products are also some of my favorites 🙂


  2. Thank you!! not enough people feature affordable pretty makeup!! As a broke college student myself, this is awesome to know about! I sometimes get caught up in high end makeup and forget to look for a deal!


  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but now I’m definitely going to take a peak at their website. I’m a college student as well and I’m always on the look out for affordable make-up, thank you. Oh and I would love to see an individual review especially of lips products.


    • I have the shade SoHo, and whenever I wear it, it goes very creasy. I love the shade and the idea of it, but I think I need to layer it under something. The formula wasn’t my favorite and I haven’t used it in a while. I’m trying to get more into eye products, what would you recommend (from this or other brands)?


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