Review: RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

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If you found this review then you probably know about the incredible woman who is Rose Marie Swift. You might just be lusting after her line of products. She designed the RMS Beauty line out of certified organic and natural ingredients that are kind to the body. As someone who is super prudish when it comes to ingredients and what I put on my face, this brand, with it’s chic packaging and rave reviewed products called my name.

The first thing I ever bought from the RMS line was the “un” cover-up in shade number 11 from the ABC Home store in Union square last February. I had done my research about it and one of my favorite you-tubers, Cloudy Apples or Cassy, featured it in her video Ten Products I would Re-purchase. I was so impressed with the uncover-up when I first started using it. I was on a bit of a new love high, but now, after a few months of use, I can give you my honest and unfettered opinion.
The upsides include, obviously, the ingredients and how good they are for your skin. If your skin is intolerant of coconut oil, then I completely understand your hesitations. Sometimes my skin bitches at me for coconut oil as well, but I haven’t had issues with this product thus far.

As someone who likes to try out a lot of products, this fell out of my favor for a little while after having used it everyday for about a month and a half, but we are reunited now and it feels so good.

The coverage of the uncover-up is seriously top notch. That little jar of awesome has had it out with a few of my most serious spots with a most impressive victory. But, be warned, that setting this with a powder is essential, especially under the eyes, beware of those nasty creases. Like many other concealers you can use under your eyes and all over your face, this one creases like a bitch.

I have also heard of people using it as a lightweight foundation. I can say that I have tried that and it gives a lovely glow, but I just don’t like the feel of having something on the parts of my face that do not need it (on a daily basis, that is).
The most belly-ached about down side to this product is the color range. And, I totally agree. Shade 00 was not available in ABC Home and 11 is a bit dark for me sometimes (because I am zombie). Also, where are the shades for the deeper ladies? ….that just ain’t right. However, rumors have been floating about that the lovely Rose Marie Swift is catering to the issue.

Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this if you have the money to spend (it retails for $36, which it jaw-dropping when you witness the miniscule size of the jar) or if you just want to treat yourself. The pot is small, but it’s going to last you quite a while as a little goes miles. I have oily skin and it is A-okay. Dry-skin ladies (and gentlemen) I think you will like it as much if not more.

Happy Reading, Beautiful!
— Grace

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