New Addition: Pacifica Lip Gloss


  I don’t need it…. I want it…I don’t need it… it’s in my shopping cart.
Today I was traipsing around Target, and I saw the Pacifica stand. I have never tried anything from Pacifica, but I know that it is one of the few semi-natural brands available in stores and for a price that isn’t going to break the bank.
I’m not a lip gloss fan. Sure, I love the way it looks, but I despise the way it feels, the fact that my hair gets caught in it, and it lack of staying power. But, the ballerina pink with a metallic finish called my name today, so I went for it.
I took a long look at the ingredients list and it earned my seal of approval. Jojoba esters, candelilla wax, and coconut oil are some of the first ingredients listed.
The color called Beach Kiss is sheer and buildable. And, let’s not ignore, that’s quite the attractive name. It gives the lips a light pink flush that doesn’t mute out the natural tone of your lips. It is a bit frosty and somewhat reminds me of the Bobbi Brown glitter lip balm in pink crystal that I had back in my high school years. It isn’t terribly sticky and the scent is tolerable compared to drugstore lip glosses that usually smell like granny’s perfume. The smell also goes away after a while. Once the glossy effect fades, the lips are left moisturized from the oils and the fine shimmer sticks around.
So far, I would give it a thumbs up and I am going to be keeping it in my purse.

Happy Reading, Beautiful!

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